over time, thick layers of paint and rust build up on vehicles of all kinds. at some point everything has to be removed and a vehicle has to be completely refurbished. especially the "hidden rust" and "worn sealing compounds" in joints, slots and undercuts can hardly be removed with conventional methods such as sandblasting or stripping. the remaining sand particles and chemicals also represent potential dangers for new corrosion and problem areas.

falch has dealt with this problem for a long time and has developed appropriate devices and nozzles for it. this is the only way we can create a vehicle renovation that is as gentle as possible without unnecessary metal removal. even thin-walled sheets do not get dints and are not deformed.

our advantage: we work with normal drinking water, which evaporates without leaving any residue within a few hours. the dust that otherwise occurs during work is also eliminated. the amount of residual waste that has to be disposed of is about. 90% reduced. all that is left are a few kg of old coating.

the problem that the wet spots rust again quickly after blasting is counteracted by new types of coatings that have been specially developed for this purpose.

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