tradition and future

the falch company history has a milestone of success which is characterised by a pioneering spirit, the willingness to take risks and the desire to make changes. falch, one of the leading manufacturers of professional water jetting technology has developed from a "one man blasting company". as a result of this, the practical background, innovation and readiness to provide a service, falch is generally one step ahead. this brings benefits such as loyalty, trust and above average growth.

1986 company foundation

paint roller cleaner

achim falch founded the company falch with approximately 5000 euros.
he developed and sold a paint roller cleaner and about 600 units were sold from house to house in this year with his first high pressure cleaner.


high pressure cleaner

the first high performance high pressure cleaner "wp 30" had approximately 240 bar pressure.


water jetting units

falch had 15 employees working within his water jetting company.


high pressure cleaner

falch had its first trailer model "F2" with 300 bar pressure and integrated heat modules.


high pressure machines

the building was complete and the company started to operate out of here with 4.000 m² in merklingen.


high pressure cleaner 300 bar

falch presents the T3H, the first trailer model with an integrated water tank. it had 300 bar pressure and temperature of 98 °C.


high pressure cleaner 500 bar

the first hot water jetting machine with 500 bar was created.


high pressure pump

a milestone begins with development of falch’s own pumps.


world of water jetting

an additional building was erected to increases the total area of falch to 11.000 m². 


uhp machine 2500 bar

falch continues development of various machines: T25, 2500 bar, 20 l/min. 


manufacturer of high pressure machines

expansion of the operational area to 23.000 m².


world of water jetting in branches

branches open in austria, hanover, portugal, switzerland and the netherlands.


world of water jetting - hydroblasting

further expansion in merklingen adding 2.600 m².


container uhp machine 200 kw

the first cont jet with 200 kW input power is created.


water jetting robots

with water jetting robots in the rental fleet falch offers its customers automated water jetting in whole europe.


world of water jetting for uhp and robots

the new 5.000 m² development center for water jetting technology at blaubeuren-seissen is completed and inaugurated in october with 700 guests.


uhp machine 250 kw and 1000 bar

the first trail jet 250 is delivered as an important milestone. this trailer is the first in its class on the market that does not have to be towed by truck.


world of water jetting

new production and logistics building with additional 16.400 m²


high pressure cleaners

4 new branches in antwerpen, barcelona, le havre and stuttgart/heilbronn are ready.