competence for water jetters

in our seminars you learn everything that is important for the use of water jetting devices and how you can plan and realize your projects efficiently and profitably. besides a little bit of theory a lot of practical training is waiting for you. furthermore, each participant has the possibility to carry out tests and trials independently in our jetting labor.

perfect project preparation:

  • what kind of equipment will be needed for the project?
  • proper machinery check – arrive on the jobsite well prepared
  • water supply: water quality, filtration, water prepressure, prepressure pump, diameter of hose
  • project related safety measures: equipment and auxiliaries
  • choose the right pressure, water flow and temperature
  • safety equipment und protection of the operator

prepare sample area for the client and for calculation purpose

effective nozzle operation for up to 50% faster and better results


  • containers and sewage pumps, filtration and sedimentation systems
  • water treatment and disposal

real understanding of ultra high pressure technology:

  • how is high pressure and hot water created?

  • parts and their function, logic diagrams

  • service intervals and work to be carried out

realize malfunctions, analyze and repair

water jetting workshops


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