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it's true. we want to sell you our products. but not at all costs and not at any price.
fair sales is our motto. you need a solution for a specific problem. and so we can only, in good conscience, sell you the unit which you really need. discussions with our expert consultants allow you to clarify the details of the precise requirements such as the scope of the order, application areas, operators and finally the level of investment. only then can we recommend you the adequate solution.

faire sales of water jetting products

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long wind

statistics show that falch equipment is operative for 14 years of 7,000 hours, on average.
a service life of approx. 15,000 hours is incorporated at the design stage which corresponds to an output of 900,000 vehicle kilometres. its resale value is also correspondingly high, a fact which our customers really appreciate.

contacts and sales advice

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would you buy a car without test driving it? no! you see, neither would we. it's the same with our units which are intended to be long-term investments in your success. many of our demonstration units are therefore at your disposal which can be tested and experienced in action. this service is available both in the regions and also directly in our headquarters in merklingen.

  • demonstration in your area
  • demonstration in the factory

prices/delivery periods

falch has invested to large degree in your flexibility with its extremely high stocking levels. you can have a unit configured exactly to your requirements from around 500 new and used units with several thousand accessories. immediately, ex works.

we would be pleased to provide you with further information concerning our products, prices and delivery periods. we look forward to your call!