pressurized water can cut a variety of materials and substances due to very high exit speed up to 3,000 km/h. the working speed depends always on the hardness and thickness of the material. to be able to cut also extremely hard materials as e.g. steel in an economically way, granulate must be mixed to the water.

water jet cutting is always ideal if substances must not get hot during the cutting process or if there are parts in the substances which must be conserved (as e.g. steel mesh in concrete). also because of avoiding toxic steam and fumes which can come from e.g. cutting plastic, the water jet cutting is often preferred to conventional methods.

a clean cut is absolutely necessary for water jet cutting and can be reached by the falch rail system with the rail rob without problems. also round and bended shapes can be cut. with the falch hyjet nozzle and the corresponding high pressure water jetting machine many materials be cut only with clear water, without any admixtures.

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