automatic formwork cleaning with falch surface worker 250: it’s as easy as that!

automated formwork cleaning

falch has been making an impression in formwork cleaning for years with its “quality” and “speed”. extremely high-pressure water jetting has been used for years to clean formwork produced by all renowned manufacturers effectively and without causing damage.

but where these tasks previously still had to be performed with the hand lance, automated water jetting was soon to get an advantage. these cleaning tasks can now be performed more quickly and easily with surface worker 250

that means markedly safer and more comfortable work for the operator since he simply needs to control surface worker 250 at a distance and is no longer exposed to recoil forces himself. in addition, the cleaning tasks can be carried out several times more quickly.

the closed jet unit, the so-called "jet cap", not only minimises the formation of water vapour, but also the jet noise is significantly lower – and this with a constant, better working result.

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