many buildings made of concrete have severe damages after only few years. this is the case especially for buildings, which are exposed to strong stress and/or environmental impact, as e.g. underground car parks, bridges, sports stadiums and dams. once the concrete is crumbling, it may consequently endanger the building fabric significantly. renovations are necessary to save these buildings.

but to be able to renovate concrete, it is necessary to remove the crumbling material from the faultless one. for this work hydrodemolition (also known as hydro demolition or hydroblasting) is the right method. principally the removal would also be possible with jackhammer, but this has big disadvantages. jackhammers cause vibrations in the building, so that serious follow-up damages can arise. furthermore, compared to water jetting, it is nearly impossible to expose the iron rods inside the concrete in a clean and damage-free way. after exposure by jackhammer as first step, iron rods must be sandblasted as second step in order to remove rust from the iron rods. this time-consuming and expensive working step is not necessary with hydrodemolition, because concrete removal and rust removal can be made in one working step without any other additional means. last but not least jackhammers cause much more noise and torment particularly local residents.

falch offers ultra high pressure water jetting machines and accessories for the hydrodemolition-use in different models and power classes. you can find the patented and especially for concrete removal developed hyjet-nozzle as well as the ceiling jet for comfortable jetting of floors and ceilings. additionally falch offers for concrete removal developed removal robots.

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