heat exchanger cleaning in industry: ormonde focuses on safety and maximum efficiency

cleaning heat exchanger

ormonde is a professional industrial service company with offices in poland, the czech republic, slovakia and ireland, and operates in many in central and eastern european countries.

since 2016, ormonde has relied on falch cleaning solutions for heat exchanger cleaning. ormonde’s managing director michael o'reilly comments: "we have come to the conclusion that manual cleaning using ultra-high pressure is no longer sensible. since we have been using falch's cleaning solution, we have benefited from the great safety advantages and have also seen a massive increase in quality and efficiency. "

"we are a premium industrial cleaning services company. our specialized cleaning solutions offer the best value to our customers, we can have strict deadlines, we must cope with any unforeseen challenges and ensure our customer receives the high standards in quality. that's why reliable premium suppliers like falch are indispensable to us."


cleaning heat exchangers
cleaning heat exchangers