sewer network of the A98 freeway cleaned with 2500 bar

pipe cleaning and renovation

last year, a heavy accident involving 25 vehicles on the a98 occurred due to heavy rainfall with stagnant water on the road. the 25-year-old sewer system was heavily polluted and the almost completely closed drainage pipes were no longer able to divert the water from the roadway.

at first it was attempted to remove the hardened deposits in the traditional method with a cutter – but that took way too long.

therefore, the rs kanal u. umweltservice gmbh got the order to free these pipes with water jet technology. rs works with falch's ultra-high pressure water jet systems and a pipe cleaning robot. with the impact of the 2,500 bar water jet and the use of a special nozzle from falch, a 10 times higher daily output is now achieved.

once the 13 km long channel network has been completely cleaned, drivers can drive safely on the a98 even in heavy rainfall.