concrete renovation in a drinking water tank: falch surface worker 250 fits through any door!

conrete renovation - fits through any door

many a renovation professional has found themselves with a huge renovation project on their hands – and an entrance so small, they cannot fit their machines through.

jetter stahl- und betonsanierung from rosenfeld (germany) faced this same problem: two chambers of a drinking water tank had to be refurbished. almost 1,000 m² of concrete surface had to be stripped and sanded for a new coating. the perfect job for a water jetting robot! ...but it was impossible to get a classic robot through the narrow doors on site.

however, the falch application experts had an idea: the surface worker 250 – one of many automation solutions from falch – can be flexibly adapted to the respective requirements and, as a result, be dismantled into individual parts very easily.

no sooner said than done: surface worker 250 was quickly disassembled in front of the door – and reassembled on the other side. while the high-pressure jetting unit trail jet 125 with 2500 bar stood outside in front of the drinking water tank, the interior wall and ceiling surfaces could be quickly, conveniently and safely treated with the surface worker 250, without having to use scaffolding.

managing director johannes jetter: "being able to disassemble the surface worker 250 was a great option for us. if we had jetted the surface by hand, it would have taken forever and our water jet operator wouldn't have been able to see anything due to the formation of water vapour. with the surface worker 250, we were able to achieve the necessary working speed and the device did the work practically by itself."

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