pointspeed 30 corner gets into every corner: when things get tricky!

rotating nozzle pointspeed 30 corner

corners, edges, undercuts and angles – these areas are generally hard to reach with conventional rotor nozzles. often it is necessary to jet from different angles to achieve a clean result in all nooks and crannies.

with the pointspeed 30 corner, falch presents a solution to this problem: the nozzles on the side and front with different jetting angles of 20 to 60 degrees make it possible to clean or remove paint from hard-to-reach areas and complex components. the pointspeed 30 corner can be used for the cleaning of ballast tanks, lattice masts, skids in painting booths or pipes.

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rotor nozzle pointspeed 30 corner
rotative nozzle with regulation
water jetting in corners