spring-cleaning – sparkling clean exterior surfaces with falch tools!

cleaning outdoor with scater 5

it's obvious that virtually any small diy high pressure cleaners can clean external surfaces. the only question is: how effective is it? the decisive factor for reasonable area performance is the flow rate in litres of a high-pressure cleaner, rather than its operating pressure. another plus point in favour of the falch high-pressure cleaner: numerous clever cleaning accessories are available. 

the scater 5 floor cleaner series ensures splash-free cleaning of floor surfaces. the optional vacu press system also allows for simultaneous suction of jetting water – without any additional suction unit. many powerful rotating nozzles are available for smaller or uneven surfaces, these also offer high surface performance when used in conjunction with hand lances. 

falch also offers fully automated robot solutions for very large surface areas... practical devices and accessories instead of plastic – this is how it's done right!

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