pipe worker 250: fully automatic pipe cleaning or stripping!

automatic pipe cleaning with falch pipe worker

nowadays, pipes are now often cleaned or prepared using high-pressure water jets, both internally and externally. the major advantage is that the pipes are not damaged by the water and, at the same time, work can be carried out quickly. however, water jetting involves increased risk of accidents if safety precautions are not adhered to, especially in case of manual cleaning.

with the pipe worker 250, falch is introducing two automation tools that guarantee maximum safety – and at the same time achieve quicker, better results. 

pipe worker 250 inside is designed for jetting pipes internally and pipe worker 250 outside is used to jet the outer shell of pipes. pipe worker 250 inside can be used to jet the interior of pipes with a diameter of 300 to 1800 mm. the pipe length does not matter because the jetting equipment can be extended as required. an extensive range of accessories as well as numerous adjustment possibilities offer maximum flexibility. 

pipe worker 250 outside was developed to clean the outer surfaces of pipes and to derust or decoat them. here too, the falch multi kit system makes it possible to extend the working length as required. pipe worker 250 can be set up and converted quickly. 

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automatic pipe cleaning
automatic pipe cleaning