surface worker 250: entry-level automatic water jetting!

water jetting automation tool

whether it be ceilings, walls or floors that need to have coatings and paints removed or be cleaned or stripped – surface worker 250 can cope: quickly, flexibly, easily and safely. this newly designed jetting tool is an absolute allrounder and makes the use of the hand lance superfluous in many applications. the multitude of conversion and attachment possibilities using falch multi kit system 100 permit the automatic jetting of all flat surfaces.

in addition to the high levels of flexibility offered by surface worker 250, our customers primarily appreciate the enormous benefits available to the jetting operator: the staff have considerably greater separation from pressurised components and are exposed much less to flying jetting particles and the water jet. physical stress on the body due to recoil forces are also a thing of the past. surface worker 250 is up to 600% more effective in this respect than the hand lance mode since you can work with recoil forces up to 60 kg. the jetting result is much more homogeneous as each track is run at a consistent speed and at a constant distance. the area covered is increased even further due to the use of wide jetting heads.

surface worker 250 is very light, at just 200 kg, in comparison with many other jetting robots and is thus easy to transport and install. all the individual parts fit through a 600 mm manhole so that the unit can be used in confined spaces, in containers, and tanks.

automatic control has been implemented using the falch easy control system, making surface work 250 very easy to operate. the affordable entry-level price makes surface worker 250 an attractive tool for all professional, extremely high-pressure water jetters.

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