the latest generation at the shipyard: base jet 250 with 250 kW and 3000 bar

uhp pump for shipyards 3000 bar

with a whopping 250 kW drive power and 3000 bar working pressure, the base jet 250 is a new generation of ultra-high-pressure systems for shipyards.

the 250 kW unit boasts all the same technical features as the base jet 125, which has been used for many years in shipyards all over the world: two large fuel and water tanks, which ensure long working intervals as well as easy operation and accessibility for maintenance work. the new easy 2-control system provides a comprehensive overview of all unit parameters and quickly intervenes in the event of a malfunction. thanks to the identical parts principle, many spare parts and accessories can be used on both the base jet 125 and the base jet 250.

the base jet 250 is equipped with a powerful diesel engine and is also available with 1000 and 1500 bar working pressure. in the basic version, the base jet 250 is delivered on a stable steel frame. a surrounding steel frame, the crash frame, can also be purchased as an option. if you prefer to have a completely enclosed system, you can use a 10-foot container or the falch overpack.

we are convinced that the numerous falch robotics solutions for automated paint stripping and coat removal tasks make the base jet 250 indispensable for many shipyards.

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