lift worker 250 beam: the jetting tool for maximum area coverage

lift worker beam water jetting tool

with the lift worker 250 beam, falch has introduced a new tool that makes large surface areas faster, easier and safer to process.

in the case of lift worker 250 beam, the jetting unit is moved along a rail by means of a push-button or automatically. the feed speed can be adjusted continuously and thus enables an area coverage of up to 6 times greater than with the hand lance. the distance control ensures an optimal distance between the jetting unit and the surface.

the use of lift worker 250 beam in combination with the falch rotation kits offers numerous advantages: maximum area coverage with low water and energy consumption, pleasant, safe and noise-reduced work for the user, as well as the possibility of extracting the jetting water. self-retracted or motor-retracted jetting units can be used.

in comparison to the large all-in-one solutions of other manufacturers, lift worker 250 beam scores better than the rest with its attractive entry price, extremely light construction and flexible fields of application. the jetting tool is based on the falch multi kit system – this results in numerous adaptation possibilities for the most varied cleaning or removal tasks in ship refurbishment, in concrete restoration and for cleaning tasks in the industrial or municipal sector.

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