trail jet 30: perfect for exterior cleaning and renovation with hot water

trail jet 30 hot water trailer

the trail jet 30, with 500 bar of working pressure and hot water, is the most sold system of its kind worldwide. we are proud of this fact, and rightly so...

for over 23 years, the principle of trail jet 30 has been the same: a high-quality 500 bar pump and two powerful 99 kW burners – all built into a perfectly designed trailer solution.

numerous companies have already opted for this successful model: whether it's cleaning or external surfaces or removal of graffiti or chewing gum, the versatility of this system is worth its weight in gold for cleaning service providers. the trail jet 30 is also frequently used in industrial cleaning: the application of hot water is perfect for dissolving greasy and oily surfaces, for example. in painting and renovation companies, the trailer model is mainly employed to remove thermoplastic coatings, making it indispensable in surface preparation.

see for yourself!

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