frame rob 250: cleaning formwork – it’s that easy!

frame robotic for cleaning formwork

growing numbers of renowned formwork rental companies are already using the falch water jetting technology to gently and effectively clean their formwork.

the frame rob 250 is an absolute must-have if you’d like to make this cleaning work even faster and safer in future.

the frame of the frame rob 250 moves the nozzle unit over the formwork surface fully automatically. while the operator controls the cleaning work using the control unit or optionally by remote control, the water jetting robot blows the surface evenly. the distance control system automatically ensures contact pressure from the surface cleaner head.

thanks to the multi kit 100 system, the frame rob 250 can be quickly converted to the required dimensions and thus flexibly used for all sizes of formwork.

never before has formwork cleaning been as convenient, effective and safe as it is with the frame rob 250. but this system has also proven its worth in the cleaning of scaffolding and painting facilities, plus concrete repairs to boot.

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