trail jet 250: double the working speed from a 3.5 t car trailer!

ultra high pressure pump 250 kW

our falch trail jet 250 incorporates an immense amount of attention to detail and five years of development – so we’re all the happier that we can now offer our customers such a unique system.

during the development process, we aimed to launch the most powerful and most portable ultra high-pressure system in this segment on the market. and we succeeded!

in three variants...

...we’ve equipped the trail jet 250 with our very own ultra-high-pressure pump. the part-sharing principle, integrated in our entire pump series from 125 to 250 kW, guarantees high reliability and a swift parts supply.

as with all the other falch trailer models, we attached a great deal of importance to making the system easy to service and maintain. high-volume tanks for water and fuel guarantee long working intervals.

another highlight of the trail jet 250 is the easy 2 controller, featuring an innovative operating concept. a constant overview of all the operationally relevant parameters, data and safety functions allows the operator to quickly and easily detect faults. the easy 2 controller saves energy and protects the system from damage.

weighing just under 3.5 tonnes, our trail jet 250 is the ‘lightweight’ solution in this performance class – and can be driven with a car driver’s licence (BE category). we have ensured a high level of ground clearance so the system can be moved on uneven building sites.

following a long test phase in the test lab and numerous test projects, we are both proud and delighted that the trail jet 250 is now available for you – in our rental parks too!

try it and see for yourself!

more information? call the hotline: +49 7344 9244-4148