surface rob 250: the world’s lightest fully automatic and purely electric-powered jetting robot guarantees perfectly uniform surface quality!

water jetting robot surface rob 250

it’s here at long last – the big brother of the surface worker 250! compared to the semi-automated worker version, the surface rob 250 scores top marks, thanks to one feature in particular: its automatic feed. not only does this translate into maximum safety for the jetting personnel; it also improves the view of the jetting area, since the position can be flexibly selected.

the surface rob 250 can be set up in three different variants: in ceiling, wall and floor mode. the x-axis can be moved horizontally and vertically using a joystick and programmed using the e-control unit. this makes the surface rob 250 an affordable alternative to large jetting robots. the flexible 240 kg light weight is another plus point: the robot can be set up and converted quickly and easily, so it is also compatible with use in manholes and can be easily brought to the project in a van or trailer.

the surface rob 250 can be used with working pressures of 250 to 3,000 bar and recoil of 60 kg: compared to the hand lance, the work can be carried out up to 7 – 10 times faster, especially since fatigue and the breaks that jetting personnel need are eliminated.

water jetting with the surface rob 250 is safer, since work is no longer directly performed on pressurised parts. the physical strain is also radically reduced, as the operator is no longer standing in the spray mist and is not exposed to flying particles. the optional radio remote control allows personnel to carry out jetting work from any location.

higher area efficiency isn’t the only benefit of working with a higher pressure litre output – the automatic feed prevents overlapping surface jetting too. the large jetting units also help to achieve a higher area efficiency and a uniform surface result. noise pollution is also considerably reduced with the closed jetting units.

the surface rob 250 can be operated with a wide variety of rotary or oscillating units – with or without an external drive. the jetting robot’s electric drive can be adjusted with extreme precision, eliminating the need for a hydraulic unit. another advantage is that the surface rob 250 produces absolutely no emissions.

the surface rob 250 can be used for an extremely wide range of applications: cleaning, roughening, decoating, derusting or material removal on floor, wall and ceiling surfaces, during the likes of concrete repair work in underground garages, tunnels or clarification tanks, for cleaning paint shops, containers or large tanks, and ship paint stripping – as well as for cleaning large municipal areas or noise protection walls.

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