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falch t5h removal chewing-gum

clean lines: tram station surfaces munich


gum, food and drink residues have a negative effect on the city image. for this reason, the approximately 5.5 m wide and up to 140 m long tram platforms in front of the munich main railway station needed to be cleaned without flushing out the joints. using the falch T5H and the flat spray nozzle, one gum spot after the other was removed from the plate lining in seconds. subsequently the entire floor area was cleaned up with a hot water jet.więcej...

cleaning underground garage witch falch t5h water jetting

underground garage "tübinger tor" in reutlingen


bilfinger berger instandsetzung gmbh got the order for the concrete repair work in the underground garage "tübinger tor" in reutlingen. the company, which has its headquarters in stuttgart, is also specialised in the cleaning of underground garages and facades.więcej...

falch t25 cleaning paint shops

id-s cleans the paint booth at liebherr


id-s gmbh, with its company headquarters in unteressendorf, was commissioned by the liebherr factory ehingen gmbh to clean the paint booths for travelling cranes in the liebherr factory. the industrial service provider id-s is, amongst other things, specialised in cleaning and renovation using ultra high pressure water jet blasting equipment.więcej...

falch t25 - rohrbach bridge wassen switzerland

rohrbach bridge wassen switzerland


the pipe bridge near wassen, having a length of 88.5 metres, is unique in the world. the renovation work included the removal of approx. 230 m³ of concrete from the sliding tracks. in addition, 34 bore holes, each having a depth of 15.30 m needed to be roughened up. in order to speed up the removal as much as possible, the flat surfaces were stripped using a robot. the falch T25 was used for the touch-up work and for the areas which could not be reached by the robot.więcej...

cleaning of the running track with falch ultra high pressure blasting units

great britain, white hart lane stadium


with its over 36,000 seats, the tottenham hotspur white hart lane stadium is one of the 15 largest football stadiums in great britain. a renovation campaign involved the cleaning of the running track around the pitch. the surface exhibited severe dirt contamination and so it was decided to use the falch scater and the 300 bar ultra high pressure blasting unit T3H for the cleaning. the cleaning was carried out over a five day period in double lance operation mode. just about 90 m² of surface coulwięcej...

falch t25 - grant bridge bucharest

grant bridge bucharest romania


the grant bridge, having a total length of over 1,900 m and a width of 25.5 m, with six access and exit lanes, is one of the most important road bridges in bucharest. the bridge support structure had been damaged as a result of the severe traffic loading and the effects of the weather. więcej...

ultra high pressure water blasting to clean down-pipes

france, tende - down-pipes


around 4,200 m² of down-pipes had to be renovated in tende in the south of france. in order to provide optimum preparation of the substrate for a new coating, the ultra high pressure blasting unit R20/400 was used. in order to reach the site in the middle of the french alps, the falch unit was flown in by helicopter. więcej...

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