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high pressure

high pressure in the context of water jetting starts with approx. 100 bar operating pressure and ends with approx. 1,000 bar. if you work with more than approx. 1,000 bar working pressure, you call that ultra high pressure. high pressure is normally used for cleaning jobs.
high pressure technology is used amongst others for cleaning surfaces, cleaning facades, cleaning roofs, cleaning vehicles or for cleaning pipes as well as for removal of rubber from floors, for removal of graffiti from walls or for removing barks from trunks.

falch offers a wide range of different powerful high pressure cleaners. they are available as wheel jets (high pressure cleaner with transport wheels), trail jets (based on trailers) and base jets (based on basic frames). by means of installed heating modules different falch high pressure cleaners offer the possibility to work with hot water in order to achieve much faster much better results - depending on the application.