world best pumps

falch pumps

with a highly specialised team, at falch we develop and produce our own ultra high pressure pumps. our ambition is not only to build our own pumps, but to build the best ultra high pressure pumps in the world.

our pumps have many innovations that you can't find anywhere else in the market. –

these pumps have been developed with feedback from our  numerous customers who use uhp water jetting  on a daily basis, utilising their many  years of  project experiences and usage to enable falch to develop the best in the market, the new generation of pump

- pump construction ingeniously simple – just awesome 
= service on-site, by any mechanic, with no special tools required     (quick check technology)  

principle of the same parts in the complete pump series of 125-500 kw 
= super fast spare parts supply and low stock costs  

sealing system without leakage - nothing – not one drop 
= significant savings on fuel and electrical energy
   (green power technology)  

pressure regulation with only one sealing system 600 - 3000 bar 
= flexibility for the project – less machine diversity – reduced transportation costs  

lifetime of wear parts is very high – even with inferior quality 
= machine breakdowns and maintenance works required are reduced to a

- pulsation reduction 
= higher lifetime of hoses and all pressure-bearing parts  

- weight reduction 800 kg of 500 kw pump
= reserves for vehicle bodies and weight limits  

- installation possible horizontally or vertically 
= advantages in the machine construction and equipment