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the fastest service possible - guaranteed!

at falch you will find competent advice which concerns all technical questions. our qualified technical personnel department takes on all of the maintenance and repair work rapidly and in a simple, uncomplicated manner.

within europe we guarantee:

  • reaction time telephone call within 20 min.
  • a service technician available at the machine within 24 hours
  • machine repairs within 48 hours
  • or a machine replacement in 72 hours

a large majority of companies promise service and only a few of these can guarantee it. we are one of the few that can guarantee service. however, if we do not meet these expectations then you will receive a voucher worth 500 euros as compensation! isn't that something?

your contact:

nael faoual

+49 (0)7337/81-425
+49 (0)7337/81-482

wolfgang bosch