project name
volume to be removed, m³
pump power machines, kW/ machine
pressure range, bar
number of machines, total
number of jetting hours, hours / day
number of jetting days, days / week
jetting method
concrete hardness
removal depth cm
number of steel reinforcement layers

project calculation
jetting performance total m³ / h
jetting performance total, m³ / day
time requirement min / m³
time requirement h / m³
project time total, h
project time total, jetting days
project time total, weeks

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the determined values are non-binding recommendations.
the time specifications are pure jetting times.
in the calculation no setup times, breaks, work stoppages, etc. are included.
there are flat-rate averages of hundreds of projects and several millions m² blasted surfaces, however, which can differ greatly in individual projects!

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