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automation on the rise - rental start of water jetting robots at falch

for many decades robots have a fixed size in the industry. now they also conquer the world of water jetting. no wonder: water jetting robots work better, faster, more even, without break and for the staff much safer and more comfortable.

falch offers you now water jetting robots for rent. whether as caterpillar e.g. for concrete renovation, as magnetic solution e.g. for removing paint / rust from ships respective tanks or as frame solution e.g. for automated treatment of big floors - falch offers you a comprehensive and competent (rental-)service from one source.

make use of the advantages of

  • safety: operators control robot via remote control from a safe distance.
  • ease of work / funjetting: less exertion, less dirt, less noise...
  • less scaffoldings: robots are adjustable regarding the hight
  • continuous work: on average 100% more daily output
  • higher pump performance: up to 10 times more daily output possible in 
    comparison to hand-lance operation
  • higher removal performance: robots keep a constant distance / angle
    between lance and jetted object
  • no attenuation loss: robot lances don't spring in contrary to manual jetting
  • efficiency: pump performance of big pumps can be exploited to the maximum. with hand-lance operation this is not possible even with several operators.

and it works as simple as that:

  • simply call
  • reserve a device
  • pick up the device
  • start working or, alternatively, be instructed by our projectXpress-
    team and carry out great projects.