falch for rent

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rent high-pressure cleaners and ultra high-pressure water jetting systems - flexibility is the key to success!


for many years, we have been renting high-pressure and ultra high-pressure water jetting systems. at approx. 100 rental points throughout europe, systems from 200 to 3000 bar as well as extensive accessories and jetting robots can be rented.

three special rental variants are available for you to choose from…

  basic rental
with the basic rental model, falch systems can be rented quickly and easily on a daily or weekly basis from any rental point in europe. This means that order peaks can be covered easily and cost-effectively.

  project rental
the project rental model was devised for large projects where falch systems are required for longer periods of work. in many cases, a complete set of equipment is provided, from the machine and water jetting robots to the water treatment system.

  no limit rental
the no limit rental model was developed for professional users who have many hours of experience operating a system. here, only the actual number of operating hours is calculated for each month, while maintenance and wear costs are absorbed by us. the perfect carefree package for all professional jetting system operators and no financial risk!