Project Report Details

concrete renovation with water jetting robot

water jetting robot crawl rob 500

concrete removal over the operating table: heinrich schmid renovates the heliport at the freiburg university clinic


the freiburg university clinic is the third largest clinic in germany. after an additional heliport was built during the construction of the emergency centre, it was high time to renovate the old heliport.

the screed on the entire heliport was installed approximately 30 years ago, and was never treated with a surface protection system. over time, the surface has been severely attacked by the elements and thoroughly carbonated. the surface, covering approximately 1,350 m², showed damage over large areas.

the freiburg branch of the heinrich schmid company was assigned the complete contract for the repair work. in preparation for the job, a renovation concept had to be created to address the problems of “structure-borne sound and vibrations”, because there are operating theatres directly below the heliport, where work would need to proceed undisrupted.

for this reason, heinrich schmid decided to implement the removal work using a water jetting technique, because it would cause no vibration or structure-borne sound.

the clinic management considered suspending the jetting work during complicated surgery, because there would be a high noise level caused by the hand-held lances. using the crawl rob 500, the airborne noise has been minimised to a level where this was not required.

"an additional challenge", according to team leader helmut rother, "was the maximum load on the roof as well as the 18 m height to which the entire fleet of machines had to be transported. twice a week, the rubble had to be taken down using a 125 tonne crane, which also transported the machinery to the roof."

about 5 cm of concrete was removed in about seven weeks - all using the falch crawl rob 500, which was operated by the two 2500 bar systems. "for my team and i, the good training carried out by your operation technician was especially important. we were able to prevent interruptions and protracted telephone calls.", according to helmut rother, "we are already looking forward to the next job when we can work with the crawl rob!