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cleaning pipes with rotation nozzle

cleaning pipes with water jetting of falch

cleaning pipes with water jetting

water jetting for cleaning pipes

cleaning of a 1415 metre long process water line at the metzingen pumped storage plant!


the process water line at the metzingen pumped storage plant is over 1.4 kilometres long. a thick layer of sand and chalk had built up on the inside of the pipe over the years. the industrial service company wunderbar süd gmbh was given the task of removing this 10 cm thick layer. in consultation with the falch application technology division, efforts were made to find an optimal way of rendering the downpipe ready for operation again. initial tests conducted with a manual lance (illustrated bottom left) showed that the layer could be broken up, but both the area output and the working conditions needed improving.

this is why the decision was taken to provide wunderbar süd gmbh with a prototype of the drain jet for this task. the drain worker 250 is a jet-cleaning tool operating with compressed air, which is used to clean pipes having a diameter of 0.9 to 2.5 metres. thus two 500-bar systems can be used to clean about 4 metres per hour, working in tandem.
wunderbar süd executive director hans-peter böcherer had the following to say: "by making use of falch application technology support for this project, we were able to complete the task in a fraction of the time we had originally calculated, while the drain worker 250 proved to make work really easy for our jet-cleaning staff!"