Project Report Details

falch water jetting tunnel project milano

removal concrete having falch crawl rob 500

reduce spray mist of water jetting per falch trail fan 8

3V vitali srl renovates tunnel in milan's inner city: 130 m³ of concrete removed


the via spoleto tunnel in milan (italy), which runs under the tracks of the ramilano centrale train station, is about 200 m in length. the construction company 3V vitali srl won the contract, which includes such work as the renovation of the tunnel.

3V needed to remove 130 m³ from the tunnel surface. in order to complete this work as quickly as possible, 3V sought contact with the falch subsidiary in milan, and thus was able to quickly find an optimal solution.

the flat tunnel surface was perfectly suited to the use of the falch crawl rob 500 water-jet robot. the crawl rob 500 was operated at 2500 bar working pressure and a water volume of 50 l/min. roughly 40 to 60 mm of concrete needed to be removed from the tunnel arch; the falch crawl rob was able to remove around one cubic meter in just under 1.5 hours.

the mobile falch trail fan 8 was used to remove the water mist from the 4.5 m high tunnel, to ensure better visibility. the waste water was treated with the cont sed 100, which can be used to sediment up to 100 l waste water per minute. while the dehydrated dirt remained in the container, the clean waste water could be fed to the sewage system in compliance with the environmental requirements.

very soon the tunnel was completely renovated and could be reopened for traffic.