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water reservoir lissabon water jetting

falch provides clarity: maintenance of a water reservoir in lisbon


thousands of litres of fresh water flow each day into lisbon homes. to keep this going, the water reservoirs for the city need to be serviced at regular intervals. the continuous movement of the water produces so-called abrasion, which has the result that the thickness of the epoxy coating reduces bit by bit. first, the entire old coating must be removed.more...

falch water jetting lima bridge viana do castelo

complex bridge renovation: 30,000 sq.metres in 190 days


the lima bridge viana do castelo (portugal) is a significant interface for transport and commercial traffic. at certain points the concrete had come away and was exhibiting cracking. in order to find out how severe the damage actually was, the bridge had to be completely stripped of its old paint coating.more...

industrial floor renovation - new market falch

new market in industrial floor renovation


an industrial floor with heavy use over a period of 20 years: dried lubricant and coolant remnants and resinified wax, oil and grease deposits form, together with metallic swarf and industrial dust, a thick layer over the years. preparation for a new epoxy resin floor sealant was achieved using the t5h, in combination with the scater5 270 vp. the hot water process and the high pressure up to 500 bar easily removed grease residues from the old epoxy resin coating. a micro-fine roughness of aroundmore...

falch t25 - aircraft carrier "charles de gaulle"

france, gigantic: sonocar renovates france's largest aircraft carrier!


with a length of 261.5 m, a width of 64 m, a height of 75 m and a mass of around 40,600 t the nuclear powered aircraft carrier "charles de gaulle" is the largest ship in the french navy and is one of the largest warships ever to be built in europe.more...

renovation concrete silos

concrete silos having a surface area of 9,000 m² renovated at holcim!


the concrete renovation department at the painting contractor jetter gmbh received an order to renovate four concrete silos at holcim in dotternhausen - one of the largest producers of cement, having 90,000 employees all over the world.more...

water jetting - ships lifting installation arzviller

ship's lifting installation arzviller cleaned with falch!


the company hk industrie from hoerdt received the order to clean around 700 m² of floor area on the inclined ship's lifting equipment. the surfaces had to be cleaned of grease and bitumen residues. hk industrie rented the 500 bar high pressure blasting unit falch T5H to do the job. the use of hot water removed the grease and bitumen residues in just a few seconds!more...

falch water jetting - marbach city walls

marbach city walls


the historic city walls in marbach on the neckar had to be renovated. grime, dirt and other deposits had to be removed. another requirement was to reveal the gaps between the stones in the wall, in order subsequently to re-point them. the falch technology was chosen because of the large area to be covered at the lowest possible cost. in total, an area of approx. 600 m² was blasted in 3 days. more...

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