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falch water jetting units - belfor

damages caused by the flood of the century in thailand are being removed by belfor with almost 300 falch units!


the flood in thailand last year was caused by an unusual long lasting and immense monsoon. almost 400 casualities have been claimed by it and with six million hectare land there have been flooded 12% of thailand's surface.more...

muehlhan / falch: promising collaboration in the remontowa shipyard in danzig!


the muehlhan ag, international specialist for industrial and maritime surface protection, is collaborating with falch as the supplier for very high-pressure waterjet systems. the reason was their task to remove all rust from a tanker, including the chemical tank, in the remontowa shipyard in danzig. more...

underwater shot blasting - xfel falch

european xfel research facility: falch leads the field in underwater shot blasting!


the european xfel ( research facility currently under construction in hamburg is a unique research facility: from 2014 onwards highly intensive x-ray laser rays will be created here for research projects worldwide. 187 m³ subterraneous curtains made of lean concrete and betonite had to be removed under water during this construction project. up to 3.5 m³ of material was stripped per day using two falch units of 2,600 bar in tandem operation. the underwater unit and a separate air more...

cont jet 100 - ct-x-mobilservice

ct-x mobil-service ag strips 80 m² of paint off bogie flat wagons per day!


around 20,000 m² of bogie flat wagons have to be stripped of paint by ct-x mobil-service ag each year. in order to be able to perform the volume of paint stripping quickly and efficiently, corporate management decided to purchase the stationary container model cont jet 100: "we would never have thought that we could strip the paint from the whole 80 m² surface of a bogie flat wagon in only one day! but it is no problem at all with the rotor jet with its adjustable number of revolutions and pointmore...

concrete renovation - olympic stadium munich

the main stand of munich’s olympic stadium renovated


a survey last year revealed that the upper tier of the main stand at munich’s ‘olympiastadion’ had suffered severe weather damage. the use of road salt had corroded beams and stanchions so severely that the stand’s structural integrity was at risk. hydro-tech, the augsburg-based concrete renovation specialist, was awarded the contract to carry out the renovation work which, given the number of events held at the stadium, required them to pull off a logistical miracle. around 2,500 m² of concretemore...

t3h - water jetting wilhelma

falch makes an eco- friendly and quick cleaning possible at the wilhelma stuttgart


stuttgart’s ‘wilhelma’ are the only zoological botanical gardens in germany. it goes without saying that there is plenty cleaning to be done there on a daily basis. to clean the newly renovated sea lion pool with a quick and environmentally friendly method, wilhelma invested in a falch t3h with 300-bar operating pressure and hot water compatibility...more...

trail jet 100 - iron bridge rust removal

600 m² of rust completely removed from iron bridge in three weeks


feijenoord won the contract to remove the rust from the historic iron bridge "melkbrug" in haarlem, the netherlands, to enable the damage to be analysed for the subsequent restoration work. additionally, the up to 3 cm thick layers of rust and 3 mm epoxy had to be removed from the bridge which was built in 1886. feijenoord required a comparison between falch ultrahigh water pressure technology and sandblasting - and then decided on the falch-process, since sandblasting would have taken four timemore...

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