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cleaning formworks with surface worker 250

automatic formwork cleaning with falch: it’s as easy as that!


flach has been making an impression in formwork cleaning for years with its “quality” and “speed”. extremely high-pressure water jetting has been used for years to clean formwork produced by all renowned manufacturers effectively and without causing damage.more...

renovation and cleaning of biogas plants

falch trail jet 125 and falch surface worker 250 ensure high-speed substrate preparation!


there are about 10,000 biogas plants in germany alone. the gas they produce is mainly used to generate electricity and heat. the biomass used is generally organic waste and energy crops or livestock manure; however, it can sometimes be very corrosive and corrodes the solid structure of biogas plants significantly.more...

webcam is now active!


shortly after the start of the construction work for our new production and logistics hall, our webcam is now online...more...

falch robotics weeks have started!


at the moment, interested customers have the opportunity...more...

pipe cleaning with ultra high pressure

free ride through free channels!


last year, a heavy accident involving 25 vehicles on the A98 occurred due to heavy rainfall with stagnant water on the road.more...

cleaning formworks with water jetting

sparkling clean! automated formwork cleaning


high-pressure water jetting is the quickest, cheapest and gentlest method of cleaning formwork, which is why so many reputable formwork manufacturers and rental companies use this method.more...

falch trail jet 30 hot water trailer

unblocked pipes! 400 m pipeline cleared of oil, drilling mud and metal chips!


when production comes to a grinding halt because the drainage pipes on the production machine are completely blocked, it may be time to get in touch with rs kanal- und umweltservice gmbh!more...

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