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professionel water jetting with falch base jet 30

comfortable water jetting

water jetting pump 1000 bar

water jetting with easy control panel

water jetting with falch remote control

water jetting in convenient operation

base jet 30: the things available are magic!


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is it really magic? it's amazing what the base jet 30 has under the hood, with an area of just 1.35 m². a 30 kW electric motor drives either a 500 bar pump at max. 28 litres/min. or a 1,000 bar pump at 13 litres/min. the base jet 30 is therefore the only unit in its class with a closed chassis and with the size of a pallet.

the base jet 30 has been developed specially for stationary deployment, for example for the cleaning of shuttering, on ships or in industry for cleaning parts and pipes. thanks to the crane eyes and stacker stand, the complete unit can be transported easily.

the unit represents a new class of quality and comfort in terms of operation, energy and water saving and maintenance-friendliness: the hood not only protects the unit from dirt, but also acts as a sound-deadening enclosure. in addition, the hood includes the typical falch layout, with space for the high-pressure hose, lance and gun, and also for a replacement filter and fittings box.

the base jet 30 promises maximum operating comfort and a long service life, based on the integrated water tank, a pilot-pressure pump, automatic start-stop and the facility for operating the unit by remote control.

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