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wastewater treatment with base filt 50

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base filt 50 for water filtration

base filt 50: simple wastewater treatment!


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the issue of wastewater treatment is becoming more and more important for the water jetting industry. this is due to the fact that the requirements governing environmental protection are becoming ever more strict while disposal costs are increasing.

with the base filt 50 system, falch now presents a sophisticated solution for the filtration of jet water. this is done using a filter fleece, which is adjusted to the respective application, for example, the size of the dirt particles. the base filt 50 system is ideally suited for large dirt particles, such as lacquer and paint residue, epoxy, lime and gypsum residue, rubber residue as well as marking films or weeds. the fleece transport is controlled using a floating switch and the dewatered dirt is separated into a dirt container. this allows for the on-site separation and disposal of wastewater and contaminants.

the base filt 50 system is the ideal supplement to the patented falch vacu press system, as its energy consumption is 95% lower than conventional vacuum suction systems. the base filt system is also advantageous in comparison with a suction vehicle, as it is significantly smaller and more compact.

the base filt 50 system operates in a fully automatic manner and requires no operating personnel. thanks to the forklift pockets and crane eyelets mounted on the stable protective frame as well as the four flexible wheels, the base filt 50 system can also be transported easily.

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