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splash protect water jetting

clear view ahead with splash protect


when carrying out water blasting work, particularly with uhp concrete abrasion, the returning water fountain and the return of particles is so severe that one must expect a considerably reduced abrasion performance. the use of the spray protection reduces the contamination and the wear on the helmet visor drastically and the risk of injury from splashing back of particles is reduced.more...

new shoulder support falch water jetting

new shoulder support and handle provide even more comfort!


in order to be able to guide the nozzle when ultra high pressure water blasting as exactly as possible, a shoulder support is indispensable - and is a legal requirement in many places. the new falch shoulder support is, in contrast to many other models, not anchored on the gun, but is rather bolted to the lance and can therefore be individually adapted to suit.more...

falch cablecontrol

well secured with the cable control


using the optional falch cable control, you can control your high pressure unit over a distance of up to 200 m. using the falch cable control makes it possible for you to take over the complete control from your workplace. in practice this saves a lot of time and fuel.more...

falch hyjet

falch hyjet increases area capacity by 20%!


with the falch hyjet, falch presents an additional innovation in nozzle technology. via a special channel air is drawn in behind the nozzle and released again at the front. it forms a sort of air cushion around the water jet and the frictional resistance against the stationary air is reduced considerably, producing a constant and sharper jet.more...

water jetting with the falch ceiling jet

relaxed working as a result of the ceiling jet


thanks to the ceiling jet you can finally blast overhangs and ceiling areas without fatigue and recoil! the hinge-mounted system can be set to ceiling heights from 1.00 to 2.80 m.more...

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