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base jet 100 e - world of waterjetting

spacesaving lightweight under power


do you need a compact, exhaust-free ultra high pressure unit for water jet blasting work outdoors and in enclosed spaces which can be connected in an uncomplicated manner? if so, then the base model base jet 100 with a 110 kW electric motor running at 1,800 r.p.m. is exactly right for you. all you need to do is to lay the cable for power connection and off you go!more...

cont jet 200 d - world of waterjetting

the power of the two lances


you have to settle an ultra-high pressure project in very short time and need an extraordinarily powerful waterjettig machine for it? tip: have a look at the cont jet 200, a container unit with integrated base frame device. you can load and transport it very easily, e.g. via container carrier, crane, trailer, or truck. the cont jet 200 was developed for operation sites outdoors or inside large industrial plants with the requirement to house the complete technique of the unit in a closed room. more...

cont jet 100 - world of waterjetting

goody two shoes in an organised box


we take the base version of the falch water jet equipment base jet 100 with the 110 kW electric motor at 1,800 r.p.m. and fit it into a container. the cont jet 100 is ready. well, almost! in order to perceive the decisive advantages of this practical equipment variant we recommend taking a look at the internals where the base framework unit is integrated.more...

new development falch trail jet 100

falch makes dreams come true: new development trail jet 100


falch has reacted to the wishes of its customers for the smallest possible, flexible and mobile ultra high pressure water blasting installation with a wide range of applications. the trail jet, which is available with 1,200 bar and 2,500 bar, provides adequate power to solve the most varied of problem jobs, such as concrete repair, corrosion protection, industrial cleaning and marking removal. more...

water jetting - aqua speed 1100tdh

aqua speed 1100 tdh: the most economical 500 bar hot water system in the world!


with the aqua speed 1100 tdh falch will be showing a compact hot water trailer model in the autumn of this year, which produces maximum output at a low price! many different cleaning and renovation tasks can be carried out: facades, roofs, external surfaces and industrial floors are thoroughly cleaned - graffiti, gum and oil stains are easily removed.more...

new development falch t5

T5, small, powerful and amazingly mobile!


with the falch T5 falch developed an economical and high quality high pressure water blasting unit for users who do not need a hot water unit but still need a high water throughput of 28 l/min. using this you can accommodate applications from outdoor surface cleaning, construction equipment cleaning, facade cleaning to industrial cleaning with 500 bar.more...

falch quicklock - water jetting

simple and ingenious: quicklock - the tool-free connection between the unit, gun and the ultra high pressure hoses!


ultra high pressure hoses 3x more quickly and simply fitted by hand, no tools required and no bells and whistles - which ultra high pressure blaster would have thought it?more...

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