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removal coatings with climb rob

falch climb rob 125 – the lightweight among the water jetting robots climbs on ships and tanks of steel


with the climb rob 125 falch presents a water jetting robot, which can be moved by remote control over horizontal and vertical steel surfaces.more...

trail jet 15 water jetting system

small - but oh boy! trail jet 15 - the new generation of hot-water jetting systems


compact, versatile and extremely powerful: that's the concept of the trail jet 15, which is offered in two versions: more...

falch uhp machine trail jet 125

trail jet 125: the lightest powerhouse in its class conquers the market!


just in time for spring, falch is presenting the "hercules" of mobile high-pressure equipment: the trail jet 125 is the most compact and lightest system on the market, having 2,500 bar and 26 l/min or 3,000 bar and 22 l/min and includes the standard falch features, for example the 400 litre water tank. more...

only 20 cent! you cannot motivate your staff at the project with less money…


after falch has developed and established innovations around the high pressure water jetting technology in just under 30 years, it was high time to think of the employees of the falch customers! more...

falch high pressure cleaner trail jet 30

innovative 500bar hot water jetting machine: the trail jet 30


much valuable experiences and falch-know-how of more than 25 years has found its entrance in the development of this new „professional cleaner“. on the basis of the successful t5h-concept falch manages to create now perfect conditions by this 500 bar-hot water jetting machine with a flow rate of max. 30 l/min in order to make the mossy facades and lanes, surfaces covered by chewing-gums or dirty parking ares look like new in the shortest time possible.more...

water jetting robots - rental

automation on the rise - rental start of water jetting robots at falch


also in the world of water jetting the automation establishes itself inexorably. by using robots, completely new dimensions of water jetting are reachable. in comparison to the traditional water jetting with hand-lance operation robots offer a range of serious advantages:more...

falch cleaning - wheel jet 18

in the focus: the new wheel jet 18 - sensationally mobile, compact and in unique design


with 500 bar operating pressure and 18l/min flow rate, this new variable achiever enthuses by its very wide range of application possibilities. the wheel jet 18 is driven by a fuel engine and is hence the adeqate solution for the often expressed request of our customers for being independent from external current sources. more...

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