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water jetting automation

falch surface worker 250: entry-level automatic water jetting!


whether it be ceilings, walls or floors that need to have coatings and paints removed or be cleaned or stripped - falch surface worker 250 can cope: quickly, flexibly, easily and safely. more...

automated cleaning pipes inside

fully automatic pipe cleaning or stripping with pipe worker 250!


nowadays, pipes are now often cleaned or prepared using high-pressure water jets, both internally and externally. the major advantage is that the pipes are not damaged by the water and, at the same time, work can be carried out quickly. more...

falch high pressure cleaner wheel jet 11p

falch wheel jet 11 p: your strong friend and helper on any construction site!


with its wheel jet 11 p, falch is making a powerful all-rounder available to all construction and restoration companies...more...

terrace cleaning with falch pressure washer and scater 5

spring-cleaning - sparkling clean exterior surfaces with falch tools!


it's obvious that virtually any small diy high-pressure cleaner can clean external surfaces. the only question is: how effective is it?more...

water jetting robots of falch

falch robotics on tour - 2018


for several months our falch-robotics-expert was on the road with the falch-truck.more...

water jetting in action

watch out! our company image video gives exclusive insights into the falch-world


it's finally done ... our company image film is online, on youtube as well as other social media channels!more...

water jetting service mobiles

falch is there for you while you are on the go... with around 80 service and sales staff!


"customer proximity" is not just an empty expression for falch, but an essential part of our company philosophy.more...

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