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wheel jet 5 p - professional system for facade & external cleaning!


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with the introduction of the wheel jet 5 p system, falch presents the successor to the tried and tested aqua speed 650 b, which has been in use by thousands of painting companies, cleaners, communities and landscape gardeners.

the wheel jet 5 p system is the first petrol engine unit of the newly revised wheel jet compact class. similar to the electric devices, it is mounted on an extremely stable chassis, which was also optimised for transport using a forklift or crane.

the powerful briggs & stratton motor powers the durable crankshaft pump. the pressure can be infinitely adjusted. thanks to 200 bar of operating pressure and a flow rate of 13 l/min, the agile petrol engine vehicle is suitable for all cleaning operations where no electrical power is available.

thanks to the falch storage system, everything required for cleaning can be stored on the unit: hose reel, pistols, lances and the operating instructions have their designated places.

even off tarmacked or paved surfaces, the large and massive full rubber wheels allow the wheel jet 5 p to become your ideal companion: it can be easily guided along coarse gravel or through fields and over grass. even steps are no problem!

more information at or call the hotline: +49 7337/81-30