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pipe cleaning with falch

unblocked pipes! 400 m pipeline cleared of oil, drilling mud and metal chips!


when production comes to a grinding halt because the drainage pipes on the production machine are completely blocked, it may be time to get in touch with rs kanal- und umweltservice gmbh!

this happened at the ceratizit site in empfingen (southern germany). the ceratizit group is the fourth largest carbide manufacturer in the world and specialises in sintered parts as well as metal cutting tools.

over the years, a series of pipelines that drain coolant directly from the production machines had become partially clogged with oil deposits, drilling mud and metal chips.

all in a day’s work for jürgen sigel from rs kanal- u. umweltservice: "we were commissioned to clean around 400 m of plastic DN 300 and DN 100 pipes. we have again deliberately opted for falch and against the conventional cleaning method with a rodding machine, because the high water volumes reduce the risk of damage to the seals - and it would have been much more time-consuming."

armed with a trail jet 30, hot water and pipe cleaning equipment, jürgen sigel and his team successfully removed the persistent deposits. the hot water dissolved the oil and grease effectively, while the water pressure of 500 bar efficiently removed the deposits.

"we managed to get the pipes spotlessly clean, even though they were almost completely blocked. at the most, it took us about eight minutes to clean one metre of pipe, but our progress was often much faster. that’s when pipe cleaning can be really fun!"