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professional water jetting with falch base fan 8

hydro blasting with ventilation of the base fan 8

water jetting without spray

water jetting indoor with fresh air

radial fans for long hose assemblies


the base fan 8 is ideally suited for the ventilation of rooms up to 1,000 m³. the device is set up outdoors and blows fresh air into the jetting area.

the high pressure buildup on the base fan 8 is also perfect for long hose assemblies of over 100 m. up to 33,000 m³ of fresh air can be blown by the base fan 15 per hour. this most powerful fan in the falch fan range is suitable for up to 4,000 m³ of space - air hose assemblies of up to 100 m in length are thus no problem for the base fan 15. a sturdy metal frame protects the fan from damage and enables easy transport using a forklift truck or crane.

(picture of the falch base fan 15)

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