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falch climb rob 125 for corrosion protection

maintenance works at fuel depot toulouse

jetting robot climb rob for safety water jetting

ortec groupe cleans oil tanks using climb rob 125


the ortec groupe was tasked with cleaning oil tanks at a fuel depot in toulouse. these regular cleaning operations are necessary to detect possible corrosion damage on the external surface of the tanks as early as possible.

to complete this order as quickly as possible and without hassle, ortec sought out our french business partner, eric azaïs from g.m.t.p. from mauguio. a joint decision was made to perform the cleaning operations using the falch climb rob 125. this jetting robot can be guided along horizontal and vertical jetting surfaces and sticks to the surface using magnetic force.

this procedure offered a number of advantages: jetting operations were performed entirely by climb rob, which means that a maximum degree of safety was attained, because no employee had to be near the jetting area and no recoil effects were suffered either. the jetting robot is conveniently controlled from the ground using remote controls; no working platform is necessary. the uniform movement of the jetting arm also provides a homogeneously cleaned surface. this means that a 15 m high oil reservoir tank with a diameter of 30 m could be cleaned in only a couple of hours.

the french ortec groupe is one of the leading service providers in the fields of engineering, energy and the environment with more than 10,000 employees and branch offices throughout europe. ortec has been using falch products for many years.