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anticorrosion works at moerdijk bridge

falch water jetting rental equipment

removal layers with ultra high pressure

moerdijk bridge renovated with four 2500 bar systems!


the moerdijk bridge across the branch of the rhein named “het hollands diep” is one of the most important train connections between the harbours of rotterdam and antwerpen. the elastic material in which the track bed is embedded was continually breaking, thus causing fractures in the track connections. passenger and freight trains were only able to pass across the bridge at reduced speeds.

it was for this reason that the company managing the bridge, strukton rail, decided to renovate the track system at short notice in the summer of 2017. strukton rail awarded the contract to track construction specialists edilon)(sedra contracting. one of the major challenges during the project was the removal of excess materials comprised of corkelast, epoxy and adhesive from the track grooves once the tracks themselves had been removed. since edilon)(sedra contracting had already worked with falch and were pleased with the results, this work was assigned to the service groep wezep bv.

among the major challenges were the fact that none of the cleaning water could be allowed to end up in waterways, the angular shape of the track grooves, and the short time frame consisting of two 48-hour periods. the work was carried out with four 2500 bar systems that were each connected to hydraulically operated nozzle cross joints. service groep incorporated these power drive systems into a specially designed track trolley that sucked up cleaning water simultaneously. this solution could be used to spray both track grooves at the same time.