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renovation fassade, falch water jetting project

renovation fassade with handlance water jetting

renovation fassade, successful water jetting

renovation fassade with water jetting on an operating plattform

fantastic! removing the coating from 70,000 m² of balcony area


the "het breed" built in 1976 with more than 1150 apartments in eleven blocks, each 5 stories high, is one of the largest residential complexes in amsterdam.  

the renovation specialist "painting holland groep" won the contract to remove the coating on the balconies with a total area of around 70,000 m². the complete renovation work will take almost 2.5 years.

for this contract, painting holland invested in two falch-systems. with 500 bar working pressure and hot water up to 100° C, the trail jet 30 is the ideal system for the coating removal work. with a flow rate of 30 l/min., approx.  100 m² of coating can be removed per unit and day.

project manager henny van de zande: "initially we also considered sand blasting for removing the coating, but due to the high disposal costs, we rejected this idea. an additional argument in favour of water jetting was the smoother surface of the concrete elements."

the decision in favour of falch was made quickly: "at the start of the project, we initially decided to hire two falch systems. we were immediately thrilled by the high performance and reliability of the machine. but also the friendly and competent service provided by falch also impressed us, so the decision to buy was reached very quickly.