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falch trail jet 125 - up to 130 l/min. at 1000 bar in tandem operation!


direct link to the video is well known that falch produces extremely reliable high-pressure water jet trailers. a new product is the falch trail jet 125, a 125 kw trailer with an operating pressure of 1000 bar and a water quantity of 65 l/min, and up to 130 l/min in tandem operation. the light and flexible trailer can also be pulled by a larger passenger car. particularly in cases where cost savings, rapid deployment and flexibility are a concern for water jet applications, this system will soon be indispensable.

the trail jet 125 system is particularly advantageous in tandem operation and in combination with the right accessories: for industry service providers, falch offers several tools for pipe and heat exchanger cleaning. painting facilities or tanks can be perfectly cleaned using the falch surface cleaners or multi worker systems. the trail jet 125 is an attractive high-pressure jetting system for industry service providers, corrosion protection providers, concrete restoration providers or shipyards that is distinguished by a great price-performance ratio and high degree of flexibility.

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