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base jet 125 ultra high pressure system

1000 bar 2500 bar 3000 bar

uhp pump for industrial cleaning and corrosion protection

falch shows its strength – base jet 125 offers extreme high pressure


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with the base jet 125, falch shows its true strength in the extreme high-pressure range from 1,000 to 3,000 bar. for this purpose, there are stationary extreme high-pressure systems in 12 different model variations: with or without protective hood, with diesel or electric engine, and alternately with 1,000 bar and 65 l/min, 2,500 bar and 26 l/min, and 3,000 bar and 22 l/min.

the base jet 125 is used everywhere where a top pressure-to-litre ratio is necessary: to clean painting plants, heat exchangers or pipe systems in shipyards and on large construction sites for concrete renovation or industrial activities.

despite its solid, robust construction, high-quality pump and high-performance engine, the system can easily be transported from one place of use to another with a forklift rack and lifting eyes.

even though the system’s two-point control unit makes it very easy to operate, it still offers plenty of extras: a 80-litre water tank as buffer storage to compensate for pressure fluctuations in the intake, two large water filters to protect the pump against soiling, an anti-freeze system for operation in winter, and much more...

base jet 125 customers are especially impressed with the extremely long service life and low service costs.

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