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falch no limit rental – the clever alternative to purchasing!


over the last few years, falch has been renting high-pressure and ultra high pressure water jetting systems from about 100 rental points spread across europe. available products range from small units with 200 bar to ultra high pressure systems with 3000 bar and a wide range of accessories.

the advantages are obvious... fixed rental prices offer costing certainty when preparing tenders and budgets are not burdened by investment, service and storage costs. as a rental customer, you will always receive the latest falch units with comprehensive basic equipment and numerous accessories for your specific project. on request, the system can be delivered directly to the place of use and collected again at the end of the rental period. in addition to receiving obligatory safety instruction every time you take possession of a unit, it is also possible to book an appointment for on-site support via projectXpress.

three rental variants are available...

basic rental
with the basic rental model, falch systems can be rented quickly and easily on a daily or weekly basis from any rental point in europe.

project rental
the project rental model was devised for large projects where rented equipment is required for longer periods. in many cases, a complete set of equipment is provided, from the machine and robot to the water treatment system.

no limit rental
the no limit rental model was developed for professional users who have many hours of experience operating a system. here, the actual number of operating hours is calculated for each month, while maintenance and wear costs are absorbed by falch. the perfect carefree package for all professional jetting system operators and no financial risk!

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