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blast oven infeed cleared by water jetting

emergency in power station: blast oven infeed cleared!


at 7 o'clock in the morning, the telephone of our falch employee from mannheim rang – he had to pack everything together immediately and come to the nearby cogeneration power station as a matter of urgency. the blast oven infeed on the waste incineration plant was blocked with residual material and could not be removed using conventional methods.

and so the employees at xervon contacted falch for help... xervon is a cleaning service provider at the cogeneration power station and is predominantly responsible for cleaning heat exchangers, pipes and systems.

the falch team arrived on site less than 3 hours later and removed the firmly wedged residual material using a hand lance at a working pressure of 2500 bar – to the delight of xervon and the plant operators, since an inoperative blast furnace infeed would have proven extremely expensive.