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cleaning formworks with water jetting

automatic cleaning with water jetting

sparkling clean! automated formwork cleaning


high-pressure water jetting is the quickest, cheapest and gentlest method of cleaning formwork, which is why so many reputable formwork manufacturers and rental companies use this method.

the service provider for cleaning and repairing formwork, zollner-hien fahrzeugtechnik gmbh has also been using reliable high-pressure technology from falch for more than 10 years.

in order to clean formwork heavily encrusted with concrete residues more easily and effectively in the future, falch suggested carrying out this work with a newly developed robot tool. managing director josef hien: "it is unbelievable how easy it is! we place the formwork on a rotary table so we can move it to the right position and then clean the formwork at the push of a button. it has become an essential part of our operations now!"